Preventing Swine Flu at Work

16th July, 2009

The threat of swine flu seems to magnify with each newspaper headline so I thought that I would do my bit and read behind the doom-mongery for the facts in case there is a business implication.

It appears that swine flu can be dealt with quite easily with a giant dose of common sense - washing your hands frequently. Here are some tips that I have stumbled across during my brief internet trawel.

Swine flu is a virus which is transmitted either if an infected person coughs or sneezes within three feet of you or by you touching infected surfaces so to lower the chances of staff catching it, drill them on the importance of staying clean and remember the NHS’ ad campaign: ‘catch it, kill it, bin it’.

If you touch a surface which has been touched by someone who is infected – unlikely in a small office – avoid biting your nails and scratching your eyes.

Put anti-bacterial soap in staff toilets and in the kitchen and encourage staff to think of the office as a hospital i.e. washing their hands and disinfecting regularly.

Stock up on anti-bacterial wipes for keyboards, telephones, desks and monitors, and make sure they’re used liberally.

Most of all don't panic. These simple steps can stop the spread of swine flu.

Jason Edge

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