New Coca-Cola Summer TV ad

14th July, 2009

Have you seen this new television advertising campaign from Coca-Cola featuring a bizarre organ player squirting coke into the mouths of what look like Gremlins to get them to play a Calvin Harris track? If not prepare yourself:

The first time I saw it I wasn't sure what had happened. Someone at Coke HQ must have eaten a dodgy mushroom or something as this is a trippy TV ad.

From my research it seems that the backing track was written especially for the television advert by Calvin Harris and is called "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, La, La, La" and there is a rumour that it will be a single later in the summer.

Personally I'm not sure that a catchy song is enough to carry it and many would classify it the drawer marked 'weird'. Coke ads seem to be all of the place of late with no distinct memorable theme flowing through the campaigns. I'm not sure who the TV advertising agency was that are behind this but it must have been a heck of a brain storming session!

Creative this ad may be, but do I really want a drink that Gremlins gargle with............

Jason Edge

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