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2nd June, 2009

It is no coincidence that at a time when consumers are becoming increasingly uncertain and anxious about the future that many marketers and tv advertising agencies are taking us on a nostalgia trip.

In efforts to stop you reaching for the 'value' products in these tough times major brands are trying remind you of times gone-by, when things were better or reminding you of your childhood. Hovis led the way with their iconic TV ad from last year which showed the boy running through the ages with his loaf under his arm.

These nostalgic ads also instill some elements of Britishness, encouraging you to spend your pounds patriotically.

Many more brands have taken the nostalgia route and with a little help from our Twitter followers I have been reminded just how many there are:

Sainsbury's 140 Years

M&S 125th Anniversary

Virgin Atlantic 25 Years and Still Red Hot

Other brands have had a slightly different slant on the nostalgia theme by creating a new ad using a montage of their tv adverts from yesteryear. I know in my living room the wife and I have pointed at the screen excitedly to say "I remember that one, ooh and that one....." on a few occasions.

Beanz Meanz Heinz

Persil 100 Years

The cynic in me thinks that this montage style is not just to tug at our memories but is also considerably cheaper to produce. No scripting, no actors, no locations and no clever aftereffects. Just re-hash the old ones that everyone loves.

The one brand that could have gone down this route but didn't is Guiness with their 250th anniversary advert from early this year.

This ad bucked the current trend by creating an ultra-modern, if not futuristic offering:

Guiness 250 Years

I'm sure that there will be more nostalgia tv adverts on our screens in the coming months as the recession continues to bite so please feel free to comment as and when you see them or if there are any that I've missed.

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