Glade's Trouble in the Toilet

30th June, 2009

Is this the worst ad on TV? You know the one where the little kid who wants to do a poo at Paul's house. You haven't seen it? Here you go:

Being an advertising agency we have a mix of great clients, not all of which have the tremendous budgets for advertising that SC Johnson (a family company) do and still we wouldn't dare have put this in front of a client as a demonstration of our creativity.

If anyone from Glade's marketing team are reading this then please give me a call, we'll come with an infinately better TV advertising campaign than this free of charge if you will just take this one off the air. Your ad stinks!

One thing the ad has done has generated a lot of chatter about it on the internet and usually to berate it (like this blog) so I suppose brand awareness is up but for all the wrong reasons.

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