Top 14 Statistics for Outdoor Advertising In London

21st January, 2009

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As you would expect, we are always keeping an eye out for the best possible media for our clients and I was interested to receive some information from one of our key outdoor media providers which I thought I should share:

Increasing journeys and length
• Passenger journeys on the Tube have increased year on year from 1.04bn to 1.1bn, an increase of 5.4%. (TfL)
• According to latest Department of Transport data the average bus in the UK travels 4.4% more than in 2007.
• The average total time spent travelling in any weekday is 1hr 24mins, in London this figure rises to 1hr 56 mins, increases of 3% and 5% respectively. (Touchpoints1 &2)

• According to TGI more people are seeing Outdoor advertising than ever before with a 3% year on year increase in the number of people seeing advertising in the past week (43.2m).
• This increase is primarily driven by transport media with an increase of 9.5% in people noticing bus advertising (30.3m) and 6.9% more people noticing advertising at rail stations (8.1m). A massive 15.4% more Londoners noticed Tube advertising in the last week (3m).
(TGI 2008 v 2007)

• 87% of commuters welcome Tube advertising as it provides a welcome distraction during their journey (The London Commuter)
• 79% of consumers welcome Bus advertising. (Consumers on the Move)

High-end Audience
• 77% of Tube travellers are ABC1 - considerably higher than the audience of TV, radio or roadside
• 66% of the London Bus audience are ABC1.
• 67% of people noticing advertising in rail stations are ABC1.
(TGI 2008)

Acted on
• 79% of commuters have been somewhere, bought something or looked something up as a direct result of Tube advertising (NFO)
• 80% of people have responded to a bus ad. (The Road to Enlightenment)

Dwell Time
The Tube is a high dwell environment – with people waiting on average for 3 minutes on the platform. Sites such as Underground 48 Sheets have an ad recall rate that is 6 times higher than low dwell environments (Total Recall)

Inner London Dominance
• 4 out of every 5 tube journeys starts or ends in Zone 1 (Postar, TfL)

Sometimes it pays to take your marketing messages beyond your usual media comfort zone. Outdoor advertising need not only be for the national brands but a well placed ad in the right location can do wonders for smaller businesses too.

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