The Presidential Seal of Approval - Brands of Obama

21st January, 2009

There is no bigger celebrity endorsement then that of the new President of the US who has been linked to brands across several sectors. Barack enjoys 100% awareness and with a so far unblemished record polls give him an 80% approval rating.

With this kind of profile brands are falling over themselves to be associated with the 44th President of the United States. Some have already got pretty good coverage already:

  • TAG Heuer – he has been sporting Series 1500 Two-Tone Diver’s watch in thousands of photos for years and whilst this is not the most expensive in their range they do have this model on display in their Swiss museum with a picture of Obama.
  • Blackberry – a very newsworthy association particularly in light of the fact that he may now have to give it up due to White House protocols. However he has been quoted as saying “I’m still clinging on to my Blackberry”.
  • Apple – he also has an iPhone and has been using an Apple laptop to video conference with his family whilst on the move.
  • Nicorette – Obama who is a smoker has said that quitting smoking has been tough and is quoted saying “It's one of those habits. You quit for a while and then you start back up. Actually Nicorette works pretty well”.
  • Hart Schaffner Marx – This Chicago tailor has already seen an increase in business following Obama wearing their tuxedo for the numerous Inauguration Day Balls he attended.

Make hay while the sun still shines is all that I can say because this President has been put on a pretty high pedestal and like all politicians there will come a time when his popularity hits rock bottom.

Jason Edge

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