The Power of Golf Brands

2nd October, 2008


Do you think that if you dress like Ian Poulter and use the same equipment as Ian Poulter that you can play golf like Ian Poulter?

Maybe not, but the brands that associate with famous golfers certainly want you to feel that way. The advertising of their equipment; be it clubs, balls or clothing often infers that by using the same equipment as the professionals will make you play like them.

The best example of brand association must be Tiger Woods and Nike (did you know that Nike was the Greek godess of victory?). Like most things in life, if you feel the part you act the part.

Taking a lead from these golfing brands, if you promote your business in the right way and the right place you will be noticed and there is no better time than now. When all around the media is full of recession doom and gloom remember that consumers and businesses still have needs to fulfil.

Richard Putnam

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