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30th September, 2008

Crystal cures and colour therapy can enhance the mood and atmosphere in your office.

Following on from my last blog on plants in the office, there are other ways to create a healthy and harmonious office environment.


In virtually every office today we are surrounded by electronic equipment such as computers and mobile phones which have unnatural vibrations that can be detrimental to our body’s natural rhythms affecting our health and general well-being. Every object both in our homes and offices has a unique vibration.

Crystals are a good way to neutralise these negative energies and protect us against the harmful electromagnetic fields. Also the use of coloured crystals can help achieve harmony in an office environment and enhance creativity and workflow.

Here are some ways to create a more harmonious and healthy office environment.

White is a colour associated with clear thinking. Placing a clear quartz crystal cluster on your desk will help you with this, but placed close to your computer will also balance out the energies and protect you from high electromagnetic fields. Helpful crystals can offset the negative impact of these unnatural vibrations

Blue crystals enhance communication and creativity. Wear them or hang them near your desk. These include, aquamarine, azurite, larimar, blue flourite, and lapis lazuli. An alternative would be to place a blue-themed poster or painting where you can see it.

Yellow gives mental energy, integrity, willpower, and hard work. I think we would all agree that these are the perfect qualities for a work environment. Try citrine, amber, yellow fluorite, or tourmaline. Alternatively place a predominantly yellow painting near your desk or a fresh lemon will work equally as well and they smell nice too!

Orange strengthen emotions, financial power, and creativity. Good crystals for this are rhodochrosite, citrine, and amber. An alternative might be placing a fresh orange near your computer.

Other helpful uses for crystals in the work environment.

Sodalite works on the “throat chakra” and can be useful when communicating with new clients or selling to customers. If you are anxious about giving a presentation, Tiger’s eye will have a calming effect on you. Rhodanite will also boost your self confidence. Clear quartz is also a good protector and will ward off negative energies from people in your office. Rose quartz is used to calm and works on the emotions or the “heart chakra”. It is good for creating harmonious relationships within an office environment.

Remember that before you use your crystals they will need to be cleansed of any energies they may have picked up on their travels. There are several methods you can use, but the simplest is to place all your crystals in with a clear quartz crystal which in itself is a natural cleanser. Leave them for 24 hours and then you can place them on your desk and start to feel the benefit.

Claudine Young

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