Celebrity Endorsements

7th August, 2008

I tuned into one of my favourite radio stations this morning, catching an advertisement featuring a celebrity voice over. It caught my attention as I recognised the voice and it made me think of other companies which have employed well-known personalities to feature in marketing campaigns.

Popular, clean living stars are often requested to make store appearances, work as brand spokespeople and wear certain labels. Some big names have been used by retail giants to boost sales or revamp a tired corporate image.

Marks and Spencers include Twiggy and Myleen Klass in advertising campaigns. Celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, is the face of Sainsbury's and Tesco feature well-known personalities to voice advertisements. Other celebrities who have been involved with marketing campaigns include

James Nesbit - Yellow Pages
Lenny Henry - Premier Inns
Jeremy Spake - Euronics
Richard Hammond - Morissons
Nintendo DS - Zoe Ball and Jonny Ball
David Beckham - PEPSI

Celebrity endorsements come at a cost and companies will choose a celebrity who best fits their brand - taking into consideration the personalities public image, behaviour and taste.

If your budget doesn't stretch to Beckham, it could be worth considering a local sports personality to promote your brand. A local celeb could help you tap into a new market, generate media interest and ultimately boost business for your company.

Due to celebrities being in such high demand, it is really hard to pin them down. Nexus has a good relationship with many celebrity agents and can help find a suitable personality to work with your brand.

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