Why Use An Agency?

21st July, 2008

Take the legwork out of your purchasing?

With so many companies cutting back on staff and downsizing their dedicated purchasing departments, it leaves less time for getting the best prices for a particular project. It's surprising just how many valuable hours are lost wading through Yellow Pages or trawling through the pages of Google or Yell.com in order to find a suitable supplier. Indeed, if the project is one of a specialist nature, there is often a need to spend costly hours researching products before you even get to the supplier search.

Just a few ways that an agency like Nexus can help.

We have many years of experience in the industry and a large portfolio of "trade only" printers and manufacturers with whom we have excellent longstanding relationships. From the everyday print requirements of any office, such as business cards, letterheads and compliment slips, to specialist print such as personalised security printing (cheques, gift vouchers etc.), continuous stationery and exhibition graphics - solutions to name but a few... we can even supply bespoke wallpaper!!!

Your agency should have a dedicated team to source whatever you need for your marketing and find the most cost effective way of producing it, including the project management, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.

Once a job has been sent to a supplier this is often when the trauma begins. Artwork issues, changes to specification and proofs. Forget all that!

Your agency should handle the lot. They should be able to design and create artwork for you if required or check your own artwork before it goes off to be printed so that the project runs smoothly from start to finish.

What about the cost?

As you would expect, an agency has to charge something for providing this service but it needn't be a large premium. Our customers simply wouldn't tolerate high prices. In fact, often our buying power is so great that our customers can't cheaper than Nexus, even including our management charge!

It doesn't just stop there.....

When you need to advertise a project or job vacancy, use an agency to get you the best deal available using their expertise to promote your product or company and it won't cost you a penny more for the ad than if you went directly to the media! It's not often in this day and age that you can get something for nothing! If you don't have your own artwork, an agency will have a dedicated design team that can provide you with some very creative ways to advertise your product. For peace of mind make sure that the agency you choose are members of The Newspaper Society.

And there's more.....

How many times have you asked for prices on a print job and thought that if only you had the storage facilities you could have ordered much larger quantities to take advantage of a more favourable price?. Well we can help you with this by offering you a storage and delivery solution. You just order your print, we store it and send it to you on an as and when basis. This can be done via a central purchasing department or separate departments, and you can even order a year's worth of supplies at a time. You have now saved precious storage space, time and money.

There are many other ways that Nexus can help you stretch your budget and increase your market awareness. We are only a telephone call away and you will be pleasantly surprised at the benefits of using an agency as opposed to separate print suppliers, advertisers and designers.

Mike Sturt

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