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11th July, 2008

Staring at a blank computer screen for inspiration to a design brief?

Often it is forgotten that the computer is a tool used to execute your creation. The end result will only ever be as good as the idea itself it won't matter how many PhotoShop filters you throw at the design!

It is so easy to get trapped by the limitations of the applications and settle for working within their restraints.

Before you pick up a mouse try picking up a pen and layout pad. There are no restraints and you can let your imagination run riot. You can plan the design as YOU want it to look not how your computer or the web dictates it should look.

Crossing over and drawing inspiration from other sources will always produce fresh vibrant results. Drawing, reading, photography, music and films among others all have something to offer.

Be resourceful, If you need an image and are having trouble finding one online then pick up a camera and get that shot. Again don't let the computer be your sole resource.

Computers, their software and the web undoubtedly make life a lot easier but sometimes you just have to put down that mouse leave your desk and find your solution somewhere else.

Happy hunting!

James Morrison

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