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17th June, 2008

hello boys

Wonderbra have launched a viral campaign today (17th June 2008) to find the best of Britain's breasts to help launch a new D to G cup range.

The viral invites women to become a Wonderbra model by attending an open casting on 28th June in London where women can take part in the UK's biggest underwear photo shoot. Each entrant will be individually shot in their Wonderbra (top half only) by a top photographer.

"From the many pictures taken we're planning to create the biggest collection of boobs ever seen, from an A cup right through to a G cup. These will be displayed on one enormous billboard in Central London" says the Wonderbra website.

The billboard is likely to cause a similar stir to the immortal Eva Herzigova outdoor campaign in 1994 which reportedly caused a number of car accidents involving male drivers.

Hello Boys - Wonderbra Ad

'Hello boys' was the slogan for the launch of the now famous bra that promised to seriously enhance a woman's pulling power. The Wonderbra was fundamentally a sophisticated vice which could squeeze a vital extra inch out of a lacklustre cleavage. As a consequence they sold by the truckload and catapulted Eva to a household name.

The viral will be supported by press and outdoor ads and shows a montage of objects that represent nicknames for women's breasts such as; puppies, jugs, knockers, hooters etc (you get the idea).

As yet unconfirmed celebrities will also feature in the campaign, with their (airbrushed) images used in a Wonderbra for Breast Cancer Care 2009 charity calendar which is likely to be on every teenage boy's Christmas wish list this December.

The campaign has all the right attributes to be a complete success. It embraces many areas of the marketing mix (including website, viral, press ads, and outdoor ads) as well as adding a splash of social conscience with it's charity work. Although a product aimed at women the imagery will also attract the male population for obvious reasons. Women will be buying Wonderbras to enhance their assets and men will be buying them for the love in their life in the hope of having their very own Eva.

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