Going Green and Saving the Planet

26th June, 2008

Here at Nexus we are aiming to do our bit to save the planet.

We have employed a Brighton-based environmental company called Magpie Recycling Co-operative to look after our recyclable waste; paper, plastics and cardboard.

Once we had started to look into the whole green issue and the impact that we were making we were amazed to discover just how much we could recycle. Before now we just threw things away without a thought.

Along with this we are now ensuring that all our electrical equipment are not left on standby but are switched off at the end of each day. We also used to switch on all the office lights as soon as we arrived in the morning but now we only use them if we actually need them.

These might seem like small actions in the wider scheme of things but as "the little old lady who used the sea to relieve herself...every little helps"

Are you doing your bit as a business?

Richard Putnam

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