Standing Out from the Crowd - a rebrand case study

23rd April, 2008

When considering an overhaul of your business image you need to juggle many different balls to ensure that you achieve the overall look and feel that will make you stand out in the crowd and differentiate you amongst your competitors as being different.

Brighton has many Estate Agents and Letting Agents in the town. In fact if you walk down Western Road in Hove you would be surprised how many of these companies are out to catch your eye.

With the ever deepening credit crunch that we are all starting to live with today then if you are in the Property Letting Business you have to offer something really special.

Hove based Spark & Sons have worked with Nexus for several years now so it was a natural choice to ask us to help them with the overhaul of their business image.

Our first task was to consider their logo and colours. Peter Spark is very precise about green as a colour and we came up with some designs and ideas which would spark his imagination (please excuse the pun here - Spark!) and strengthen the look and feel of the company name.

Having presented our suggestions and honing the ideas to completion we then set about looking at every aspect of how Spark & Sons marketed their business.

The first task was to refresh all of their external signage on the shop front. We took a photograph of the existing frontage and then, with our studio skills, created an image which would show how the new shop front would look. This also coincided with the purchase of the adjacent property by Peter Spark which was to double his shop frontage in Western Road. Our ideas were accepted and we were then commissioned to undertake all of the external and internal signs and to include the design and production of a new overhead illuminated external shop display board.

Next we started looking at the interior and suggested that one of the internal walls be covered in a vinyl wallpaper printed map of the local Hove streets. This was accepted and the map had to be purchased and this went into our studio to be manipulated to fit the wall area and artwork added. The map was then printed and fitted by our team of experts. Unfortunately we did run into problems here and it took a couple of attempts to achieve the desired finish. The benefit of working with Nexus proved itself here as we took control of the situation and did not stop until all parties were happy with the finished product. We were on site to inspect and approve as necessary until the client was happy.

Every piece of internal and external documentation was redesigned for the changeover and working with Sparks we were able to ensure that the look and feel was maintained through every aspect of their company. So when anyone comes into contact with Spark & Sons they receive the same message and are totally clear that they are dealing with a professional and trusted partner to either let or sell their property.

So when considering a makeover to your corporate identity it is vital to work with a company who can not only design but can in fact offer a full service for you, but are there behind you to make sure that all of the details are taken care of and leave you to carry on running your business.

Steve Wadman

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