Have You Been On The Buses Lately?

31st March, 2008

No I don't mean taking a ride on the number 46. I mean advertising on buses. If not then it is definitely something to consider as part of your marketing mix.

Picture the scenario; you are in your car driving through town and you let the bus pull out from the bus stop. You now only have a view of the back of a bus and what's there? A competitors advert. You are usually behind the bus for a few minutes giving you complete exposure to the advertisers message but when you get past the bus guess what happens? Someone else gets exposed to the message for a few minutes.

And this goes on all day, every day!

But it's not just other road users that get to see the advertisers message. Ads also appear on the sides which reaches pedestrians too. Buses can take your campaign right from the heart of the biggest city, to the most bustling town or through the sleepiest village.

Straight to your customers!

In a study conducted by Robert Quayle Qualitative Research the following was found to be true:

  • Buses go where people go, whether they are shopping, travelling to work, in cars or other buses
  • Bus ads are noticeable because they are moving
  • You can not turn off Bus ads - they are part of the landscape
  • You Can't Miss a Bus
  • Bus ads are close to point of sale - both in time and space:
  • People notice Bus ads just before going into a shop, bar or cinema
  • Bus ads remind people of other advertising for the same brand: it triggers memories and reinforces brand values
  • Buses offer broadcast branding on the High Street

That may sound well and good but what are the stats? Well, CBS Outdoor completed a study on how bus advertising captures and captivates consumers on the move across the UK. Utilising a range of methodologies including focus groups, online forums and online questionnaires, over 1200 respondents were probed regarding their attitudes to buses and the ads they carry. They found that:

79% of consumers welcome ads on buses
86% of people can spontaneously recall a specific bus ad
and a staggering 80% have acted on a bus advertising.

Bus advertising has not rested on it's laurels and in recent years we have seen some real innovations. New materials, digital panels and unique illuminated sites mean that you can deliver a campaign that grabs the attention of the modern consumer in certain areas.

Unfortunately you cannot place and advert on a Brighton & Hove bus as the company that runs them seem to believe that bus advertising is so powerful that they only advertise themselves on the buses.

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