New Cadbury's Truck advert

29th March, 2008

Have you seen it? The new 'glass and a half' TV advert with the airport vehicles racing down the runway to a Queen track?

No it's not a protest at the recent disruptions and the new T5 at Heathrow. It's the new TV ad from Cadbury's which follows on from the 'Gorilla' (playing drums to a Phil Collins track) ad. A completely abstract style.

The ad is called 'Trucks' and it goes against the grain of most schools of thought as it doesn't actually promote the product. Or does it?

In my opinion Cadbury's have been quite clever here. The ads stand out because they are long (one and a half minutes) and use instantly recognisable tracks; but best of all everyone will be talking about them in the office. Why? Because they are so 'random'.

The success of the 'Gorilla' ad can be measured by how many different versions and spoofs of the ad are floating around on YouTube. Some of these are so good that you can find links to them from Cadbury's own website.

I wonder how long it will be before YouTube is full of 'Trucks' spoofs.......not long I bet. Whilst not every company has the budget required to produce advertising classics like this you might be surprised to find out what your budget can achieve with the help of a creative agency like Nexus.

Jason Edge

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